B.F. Hamilton Library Receives Innovation Grant
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B.F. Hamilton Library at Franklin College has received a $6,650 PALNI Library Innovation Grant from the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana. The grant is designed to optimize library resources and services in ways that significantly expand the college’s ability to support teaching and learning.

Hamilton LibraryThe grant will be used to transform a current spot on the library’s first floor into a de-stress and collaborative zone called The Lounge for students, faculty and staff. The students will be able to express themselves in this area with low-tech materials such as coloring books, jigsaw puzzles and games, which have been shown to promote mindfulness and stimulate creativity. Those seeking a different type of stress release, or who want to explore new technologies, can enter a world of virtual reality using handheld viewers. Others may want to share their experience by using a system that allows others to view their activity on a monitor.

“This space will be especially helpful to first-year students who often experience anxiety when starting college.  Its location puts visitors near other library resources that will also help them develop resilience,” said Lori Schroeder, provost and dean of the college.

Denise Shorey, director of library services said, “Academic libraries play a different role today. Our mission is still to connect people and information, but we also recognize that the library serves as a social space for students to connect with each other or to study alone. Supporting overall wellness is merely an extension of that.”

The Lounge will be open for use in the fall of 2018.

About the Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (PALNI): www.palni.edu

PALNI is a non-profit organization supporting collaboration for library and information services to the libraries of its twenty-four supported institutions. PALNI provides everything from resource management systems to sharing expertise in many areas including strategic planning, reference, information fluency, outreach, data management and configuration, and has identified greater collaboration in acquisitions as a key goal.

For more information, contact the Franklin College Office of  Communications at (317) 738-8185.

(Written by Zach Rayce ’20.  Posted June 14, 2018)


POSTED Jun 14, 2018