Sonnie Terrell, M.S.

“My goal as an educator is to help students find joy in the learning process and to develop the courage necessary for growth. I believe both are required for personal and professional fulfillment.”


Director of First-Year Engagement

Educational Background

  • M.S., Smith College – Northampton, MA
  • B.A., Franklin College – Franklin, IN

Year Joined Franklin


What can students expect during their first year at Franklin?

College is a time of radical transformation. While the process is an exciting one, it can also feel very overwhelming. By providing students with a comprehensive first-year experience program (Launch) and connecting them to resources that will help them navigate their transition to Franklin, we are setting students up for success and helping them take advantage of all the opportunities that await them here.

What role do Launch Mentors play in the success of first-year students?

In addition to leading new students through Registration and Welcome Week, as well as co-facilitating the Launch Lab, Launch Mentors help new students navigate their first year as Grizzlies. Through one-on-one and group meetings, Launch Mentors serve as knowledgeable guides who provide new students with access to the people and resources critical to their success. Launch Mentors cultivate meaningful, supportive relationships with new students and help them actively engage in our community.

In My Spare Time…

I enjoy reading, watching movies, cooking, hiking, traveling, playing table tennis and coaching volleyball. However, most of my time is typically spent trying to convince my partner that we absolutely should get one more dog.