Ways to Give

Cash Gift

The easiest way for you to give a gift (by cash, check or credit card) has an immediate impact on Franklin College and offers you an income tax deduction. You may earmark your gift for a specific project or for a specific academic department, or you may leave it unrestricted, which gives the college the greatest flexibility to respond to its specific needs.

Please make checks payable to Franklin College and mail to:

Development & Alumni Engagement
Franklin College
101 Branigin Blvd.
Franklin, IN 46131

Online credit card gift: one-time or recurring

To make a gift using your credit card (Discover, Mastercard and Visa); simply complete our online gift form. You can either click here or call 800.852.0232.


Gifts of stocks or securities often provide a greater tax benefit to the donor than a gift of cash. Appreciated securities that have been held for more than 12 months can be deducted from your taxable income at their fair market value, without paying capital gains tax on the appreciated portion of the gift. For publicly traded securities, the fair market value is computed as the average of the high and low market prices on the date of transfer.
Before making your gift, notify the Office of Institutional Advancement of your intent by calling 800.852.0232.

If your broker or banker holds your securities, ask to have them transferred via DTC. This is generally the fastest and most efficient form of transfer.

Send DTC to:

DTC Number: 0793
Account Number: 4274-9927

If you hold your securities, choose one of these two ways to give your stock gift:

  1. Mail – Send the unsigned certificates in an envelope to the College. In a separate envelope, send a signed guaranteed stock/bond power form. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL ENDORSED CERTIFICATES!
  2. Hand Delivery – Certificates may also be given directly to an IA staff member or hand delivered to the College.

Real Estate

A home, farm, office building, or undeveloped lot can all be used as a gift to Franklin College. For an outright gift, you can claim an income tax charitable deduction for the current full value, subject to your deduction limits. This deduction may be claimed for the year of the gift, as well as the five subsequent years for any excess deduction. You also avoid any capital gains tax on a gift of appreciated property.
You can also gift real estate through your will or trust or used to establish a charitable trust or charitable gift annuity. Please contact Tom Armor at 317.738.8045 for more details on establishing a planned gift with real estate.


Gifts-in-Kind include the donation of material goods to Franklin College. The donation of goods allows the college to redirect its resources from necessary purchases to other areas of need.

Gift Pledges

A pledge is a formal statement of intent to make a gift to Franklin College. A gift “pledge” enables many donors to make a larger gift than they could otherwise, because the payments are spread over time (tax advantages may also result). Most pledges begin with an initial donation, with the balance paid in installments. The donor defines the installment amount and payment schedule; however, Franklin College encourages full payment of pledges within 3 to 5 years.

Matching Gifts

Because many companies offer matching gift programs for employees who donate to institutions of higher learning, many Franklin College alumni and friends have made major gifts to the college. The results have been significant.

If a company participates in this program, it means it is willing to donate a gift to FC that matches or equals an employee’s or retiree’s personal contribution without any additional obligation on the part of the individual donor.

While most companies offer a 1:1 matching ratio, some companies double or even triple an employee’s or retiree’s gift! This program clearly enables donors to increase the impact of their contributions to Franklin College.For example, if your gift this year is $250 and:

  • your company has a 1:1 match, Franklin will receive an additional $250 and you will be listed as a $500 donor!
  • your company has a 2:1 match, Franklin will receive an additional $500 and you will be listed as a $750 donor!