Franklin Fund


With the majority of our students relying on aid to attend the college, the generosity of donors to the Franklin Fund for Scholarships is far-reaching. Science majors and students with a passion for the performing arts, student athletes and those with or without a Greek affiliation, freshmen from Texas and juniors from rural Indiana; the likelihood that scholarships are enabling them to be at Franklin College is great.


Each and every member of the Franklin College family is invited and encouraged to support the Franklin Fund for Scholarships each and every year. Our donors are alumni — from the most recent graduating class to graduates of the late 1930s, alumni who attended but did not complete their studies at Franklin College, parents of current students, faculty and staff, community friends and corporate partners. The uniting factor is a commitment to investing in the success of current Franklin College students—at whatever level each donor is able.


Your gift — regardless of size — helps Franklin College continue to attract outstanding students with competitive financial aid packages and to sustain the emphasis on a liberal arts education that leads to real world success.
As a Division 3 school, Franklin College is prohibited from awarding athletic scholarships. The Franklin Fund provides valuable need-based scholarships to our outstanding population of student athletes, and to many other Franklin College students who pursue varied fields of interest.

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Why the Franklin Fund?

  1. Tuition and fees provide less than half of the actual cost of educating a Franklin College student. The Franklin Fund is one of the few sources of income bridging the gap between what tuition provides and the total operating budget. Generous support strengthens the Franklin experience for all students.
  2. The College made this commitment in response to an increased need for assistance by families, and to make Franklin as competitive as possible in recruiting the most academically qualified students regardless of their financial circumstances. This investment has resulted in an improvement of the academic profile of incoming classes; however, the increase in financial aid has an impact on the College’s resources.
  3. Alumni giving serves as the measure by which corporations and foundations rate alumni involvement. This is a major consideration when making major gifts to colleges and universities.
  4. College guidebooks such as Baron’s and U.S. News and World Report use alumni giving participation rates as the sole criterion to rate alumni satisfaction when completing overall institutional quality ratings. To move up in the rankings, and thus attract more good students, we must increase our alumni participation rate.
  5. It’s effective: a Franklin Fund gift of $1,000 can have the same immediate impact as an endowed gift of $20,000.
  6. The Franklin Fund benefits FC students of all eras, increasing Franklin’s stature as a college with a national reputation that helps increase the value of all Franklin College diplomas.
  7. Contributing to the Franklin Fund affirms your commitment to Franklin College and its mission.
  8. One student, educated at Franklin College, can positively affect the lives of thousands.

We invite you to celebrate our strong tradition of liberal arts learning, and to make an investment in the future of Franklin College.