Congressman Trey Hollingsworth Visits with College Officials
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Thomas J. Minar (left) and Congressman Trey Hollingsworth (right)

Franklin College President Thomas J. Minar (left) and Congressman Trey Hollingsworth (right)

Congressman Trey Hollingsworth (R), representing Indiana’s 9th District, met with Franklin College President Thomas J. Minar and other college officials today on campus.  It was Hollingsworth’s first visit to the campus since being elected last fall.

Among the topics of discussion were the cuts to student-aid programs included in the 2018-19 budget proposed by President Trump and the effects they could have on independent colleges like Franklin and its students, Indiana workforce needs and the impact of workforce development in Indiana, higher education accessibility, and the level of preparedness of incoming college students.

“I especially am concerned about the proposed elimination of Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants which provide nearly $1 billion in additional grant aid to the neediest Pell Grant students,” said Minar.  “Nearly 38 percent of the entire student body at Franklin College receive these grants each year.  Moreover, through private donations, Franklin College matches these federal funds by at least one-third, making the federal dollars go further. These private donations will be lost, if the federal money goes away.”

The proposed budget also includes cuts to the Federal Work-Study Program, which provides jobs to students so they can help earn their way through college.  Currently, nearly 29 percent of Franklin’s student body have jobs through the program.

“We are very grateful to Congressman Hollingsworth for taking time during his Congressional recess to visit campus and speak about the proposed budget and what’s happening today in higher education,” said Minar.  “I have great confidence in our working relationship with him and our impact together on the future of the 9th District.”

(Posted July 7, 2017)

POSTED Jul 6, 2017