group shot showing different sororities

Delta Delta Delta: Delta Delta Delta is proud to be a part of the Franklin College campus. Sisterhood in DDD means belonging to a diverse group of committed women who are highly involved on campus and continually strive for academic excellence. DDD is more than a group of friends. It’s an everlasting sisterhood that provides comfort and inspiration spanning far beyond a woman’s collegiate career.

  • Nickname: Tri Delta
  • Founding Date: November 27, 1888
  • Symbol: Pine Tree, Trident
  • Mascot: Dolphin
  • Jewel: Pearl
  • Colors: Silver, Gold, Cerulean Blue
  • Flower: Pansy
  • Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Hospital
  • Philanthropy Event: Delta House of Pancakes
  • Scholarship Requirement: 2.8
  • New Member Fees:
    • New Member Fee – Fraternity: $45
    • New Member Fee – Other: $20
    • Initiation Fee – Fraternity: $155
    • Badge Fee: $175
  • Chapter Dues First Semester: $355
  • Chapter Dues Second Semester: $325

Pi Beta Phi: Pi Beta Phi is a strong symbol of sisterhood. In cultivating sincere friendship, establishing the real objects of life, promoting the happiness of humanity and encouraging and assisting members in moral, mental and social advancement, Pi Beta Phi is also a symbol for the future.

  • Nickname: Pi Phi
  • Founding Date: April 28, 1867
  • Symbol: Golden Arrow
  • Mascot: Angel
  • Colors: Wine and Silver Blue
  • Flower: Wine Carnation
  • Philanthropy: Literacy
  • Philanthropy Event: Lips for Literacy
  • Scholarship Requirement: 2.5
  • New Member Fees:
    • Badge/Pin: Included in Dues
    • Initiation: $160
    • New Member Fees: $55
  • Chapter Dues for First Semester: $243
  • Initiated Member Fees (to be paid the semester after initiation): $325

Zeta Tau Alpha: Zeta Tau Alpha has proudly been a part of Franklin College since 1927. The social activities of ZTA’s members range from sisterhood events and mixers to an annual semi-formal in the fall and White Violet Formal in the spring. ZTA is always in pursuit of academic excellence with an in-depth scholastic program. ZTA offers women personal development and social fulfillment.

  • Nickname: Zeta
  • Founding Dates: October 15, 1898
  • Symbol: 5 Point Crown, Strawberries
  • Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Gray
  • Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness and Education
  • Philanthropy Event: Big Man on Campus
  • Scholarship Requirement: 3.0 (high school); 2.8 (college)
  • New Member Fees:
    • Badge/Pin: starts at $65
    • Initiation: $110
    • New Member Fees: $60
  • Chapter Dues for First Semester: Total of $470, not including badge/pin
  • Initiated Member Fees (to be paid the first semester after initiation): $318