Vision and Mission

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement

The vision of the Center is to be a catalyst dedicated to engaging all cultural communities at FC around the value of diversity. We aim to create an inclusive educational environment where understanding, dialogue, and the free exchange of ideas are celebrated. These efforts will contribute to the development of critically conscious global citizens at FC and beyond.

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

The mission of the Center is to support students, faculty/staff and the community be promoting the value of diversity, broadening multicultural awareness, advancing cultural competence and encouraging cross-cultural collaborative relationships through education and advocacy.

  • Alexis Cheatham

    Being a part of the CDI has had a huge impact on my college career. I am involved in the BOSS Mentoring program, Sister to Sister, and I am a Diversity Advocate. All of these roles and activities have made me more aware of both myself and others. They have taught me the importance of diversity and understanding people’s differences, as well as inclusivity. I have grown as a person because of how much the CDI has pushed me since my freshman year to become a better leader and open-minded individual - Alexis Cheatham '21

  • Fiyah Kirby

    The CDI has shaped my life for the better. I am able to practice professionalism and leadership with strong guidance. My understanding of the importance of multiculturalism has also greatly improved. - Fiyah Kirby '21