Major Preview Days

Major Preview Days are individualized days for academic programs to showcase their majors and minors. This day is intended to give a prospective student general information about admissions and financial aid, while also giving them insight into academics through an interactive and informative session led by faculty in their area of interest.

Students attending will also get to hear from students in that major/minor and tour campus. This program starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 12 p.m. with the option to meet with a faculty member or athletic coach to conclude the day.

October 12 – Business Majors Preview Day (including Accounting, Economics, Marketing, and Management)

October 12 – Health Sciences Majors Preview Day (including Exercise Science, Neuroscience, and Psychology)

November 1– STEM Majors Preview Day (including Chemistry, Biology, Math, Computer Science, Physics)

November 1– Humanities Majors Preview Day (including English, Creative Writing, Spanish, French, Philosophy, Religion

November 2 – Education Majors Preview Day (including Elementary Education)