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All Roads Lead to Franklin College

While most students come to Franklin College right after graduating from high school, Vincent Fletcher’s path had a few twists and turns. The junior from Texas, first went to a community college in Iowa, where he received an associate degree in social work. In the fall of 2020, he traveled to Georgia to pursue his bachelor’s degree in psychology.

Vincent FletcherHowever, it wasn’t long before he realized the school just wasn’t the right fit for him.  “When you are coming from far away, you want a place that feels like home. You want to be able to talk to people when you are going through something.” – Fletcher

So, near the end of 2020, Vincent began to research other colleges, looking for a place to call home that had a strong swim team. Phone calls to Andrew Hendricks, director of athletics and head swimming and diving coach, and to Franklin’s admissions and financial aid staff convinced him to give Franklin College a try.

“Everyone was so welcoming and even worked over the holidays to help me get here. They did everything to ensure I got here smoothly and felt welcome. And they did it quickly.” – Fletcher

Fletcher arrived on campus in January 2021 and immediately felt that he had found the right fit.  First, of all his roommate was also on the swim team, which made schedules much more compatible. “At my other school, my roommate and I were on different schedules. I get up at 5 a.m. to go to swim practice. I’m sure he didn’t appreciate that.” – Fletcher

 “Franklin feels like home. Everyone here is so inviting, especially my teammates and coaches. Me and my teammates are so close already, even though I’ve only been here a short time.” – Fletcher

He also quickly found a connection with his professors. “The classes aren’t too big, so already I’ve interacted with a lot of my teachers and been able to talk to them about my future and internships. No individual gets left behind and everyone is in a tight-knit community.” – Fletcher

He credits Ryan Rush, Ph.D. with already helping him make connections for an internship in immigration social work for senior year.

Though his path has not been as direct as most college students, Vincent feels he’s learned many important truths on his journey. “Being with so many people from all around the world has given me a different perspective. We should value every day the opportunities we have here in the states,” he said.

Many of those opportunities are found on the Franklin College campus. When asked what how he would advise others coming to campus, he said, “Take advantage of everything they offer you. I see so many opportunities that you can be involved in during your four years here. The walls are covered with fliers to join this or volunteer for that.” – Fletcher

Opportunities abound and your next best friends are already here. Visit Franklin College and find out what it really means to be a Grizzly.

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