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You will grow outside the classroom at Franklin College

2018 graduate and political science major Taylor Williams didn’t plan to pursue extracurriculars during college. She was really involved in high school, and was ready to take a break. Until she got here.

“If I’d gone to a big school, I would have been more intimidated by the number of people looking to get involved. But getting involved on Franklin’s campus is super easy.” – Taylor

Taylor’s right. Getting involved at Franklin is easy. Our 40 student organizations – spanning arts, advocacy, service and academics – make it possible for even freshman to pursue leadership positions on campus. For Taylor, that involvement led to Taylor Williams leading Student Congressher serving as Student Congress president for two years – an experience that taught her leadership, as well as interpersonal and communication skills that helped her jumpstart her political career after college.

On top of gaining real-world skills, Taylor also made a lifelong friend. Keri Alioto, Franklin’s dean of student success and retention, mentored Taylor as the Student Congress Adviser. The two grew exceptionally close because, as Keri puts it, students are “at the heart of everything we do.”

“At a place like Franklin, we are trying to grow and develop well-rounded, amazing human beings. We want our students to pursue their passions. Sometimes those passions come out through their co-curricular involvement.” – Alioto

That was certainly the case for Taylor. After graduation, she used her leadership skills to land a job as the campaign manager for Dave Craven’s run for Indiana State Senate in District 26. Next, Taylor wants to flex her skills working at the Indiana Statehouse to create positive change for Hoosiers around the state – a career move she’s poised for because of her personal ambition and her Franklin College experience.

“In any interview I’ve had, I always have a story about something that happened in Student Congress. I’m also a star in the eyes of employers because of my liberal arts education. They’ve seen that liberal arts programs create well-rounded people. It’s a gold star on your résumé. It’s security to me.” – Williams

No matter if Taylor ends up working for the State of Indiana or pursuing a career in Washington D.C., the skills, experiences and friends she gained at Franklin will be close by.

“The most special thing is that the bond doesn’t end after graduation. We visit babies when they’re born, we participate in and attend weddings. We become a part of our student’s lives.” – Alioto

Pursue the skills that will give job security – and gain some lifelong friends along the way – at Franklin College.

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