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Professors or cheerleaders — they can be both!

Every prospective college student hears the story: You are lucky if a college professor knows your face, let alone your name. When class sizes range from 400 to 500 students, instructors worry more about grading papers than knowing the author.

But creative writing major Sam Fain tells a different tale.

“The student-teacher ratio, I never realized how important that would be, but it’s super important. I’ve been in classes with five people, and you get to work with the professors themselves. It’s great.” – Fain

Sam FainAs she advances through her senior year, Sam reminisces about her professors’ influence on her college career. The Connersville native visited Franklin College before her freshman year, and she enjoyed the opportunity to meet her future professors, including her mentor Callista Buchen, Ph.D. The experienced professor of creative writing would prove vital to Sam’s academic growth.

“For my first internship, I was a teaching assistant for introduction to creative writing with Dr. Buchen. She worked with me so I could get that position, so she went above and beyond. It was really great. I actually taught two lessons in the class, which was super hard but rewarding.” – Fain

Dr. Buchen did not stop there for Sam. The professor also supported her student by offering Sam an independent study opportunity as a freshman helping Sam publish her poetry in publications such as the Indianapolis Review and SWWIM. According to Sam, the professors gave her options that would not have been possible at bigger schools.

“The professors definitely help me feel whole. I really appreciate how they are always there for you. They’ll help you out. You can have regular conversations with them.” – Fain

No student is just another face at Franklin College. Everyone can find a professor that will not only remember your name but will help make sure everyone else remembers it too.

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