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Many students come to Franklin from the Indianapolis area, but some come from across the country, or even across the world. That was the case for Jenna Spini, a senior public relations major who moved to Franklin College from Redwood City, California.

“I pretty much just knew after my first visit. It felt like home. Everyone was so welcoming, everyone wanted to know about me and was really interested in me.” – Spini

That feeling of closeness and community was critical for Jenna. If she was going to move 2,000 miles from her family, she needed to know she could make a new family of her own. Luckily, that process started on day one when she met her academic adviser Ann Barton, assistant director of the Pulliam School of Journalism.

Advisers at Franklin are here to help with the logistics — scheduling, planning, selecting and changing majors — but more so, they’re here to celebrate the wins and navigate the challenges that come with adjusting to college.

“I remember how tough freshman year can be. And as much as students come with great excitement, there can be a lot of fear. While there are many positive days, there can be bumps in the road. I remember that from my own freshman year.” – Barton

Jenna Spina

Ann and Jenna both agree — their adviser-advisee relationship has become much more. It’s transcended those boundaries into something more special, more caring, and more familial.

“She’s really made Franklin home for me. She’s always been the person I can go to if I’m struggling with something or if I need some advice. There was one time when I was really sick and we had a meeting scheduled. She responded by asking if she could bring me medicine. She’s like a parent when mine are so far away.” – Spini

“We don’t just talk about academic life. We talk about what’s going on in her personal life, we talk about dreams and goals. She’s growing in such a great way. I’m just so proud of her.” – Barton

When you choose where to spend the next four years, you’re not just choosing a school. You’re choosing a community, a support system and a family. Schedule a tour to see if Franklin is your next home away from home.

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