Meet Dylan Graham

How to Become Your Best Self at Franklin College

As many prospective students search for their perfect college, they may feel intimidated by what the next four years of their lives will bring. Are they ready for college? Are they ready for a new environment and new people? Ready or not, Franklin College is prepared to help every student grow into their best selves, as senior Dylan Graham discovered in his last few years at college.

Upon leaving his hometown of Connersville, Indiana, Dylan felt the way many college freshmen feel during their first semester: homesick, intimidated, and maybe even a little disheartened.

“My first semester of my freshman year I was the shyest, most backward kid you’re ever going to meet. I felt so overwhelmed that I didn’t have my family with me, I didn’t have my friends back home with me. It was really, really hard to branch out.” – Graham

Luckily, the quantitative analysis/applied mathematics double major found both support and a sense of direction from his advisor Dan Callon, Ph.D., who pushed Dylan to abandon his comfort zone in academics.

“I think Dr. Callon saw a level of immaturity in me around sophomore year, and he wanted to get me ready for the real world by putting a lot on my plate. He knew that having a limited amount of time makes you manage your time a lot better, be more professional and be more consistent in your actions.” – Graham

In addition to his heavy course load, Dylan is also involved in numerous on-campus organizations. He’s a proud member of the fraternity Kappa Delta Rho, Franklin College Student Entertainment Board, Intervarsity, FC Singers, and many, many more. Though all his responsibilities require some juggling, Dylan could not be happier with his transformation from a timid freshman to a socially involved and responsible senior.

“My mom went to Franklin too, and she told me at the start of my college career: ‘Franklin does weird things to you.’ You know, she’s not wrong. It’s changed who I am, and I am very happy with who I have become.” – Graham

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