Meet Carolina Puga Mendoza

Create the Change You Want to See:
A Student’s Dedication to Diversity

One of Franklin College’s greatest advantages is its small community. The campus’s close-knit nature allows students to build strong relationships with the faculty and each other. However, the small campus could also lead some students to view Franklin as culturally homogenous. Luckily, students like FC sophomore Carolina Puga Mendoza work to raise awareness of Franklin’s diversity through her beloved Mexican heritage.

Raised in Nayarit, Mexico, Carolina’s family moved to the United States after her mother attended college for a semester in California.

Carolina Puga“When I was young, I didn’t even know what college was. In Mexico, college is not something people really push as much as they do in America, but, even though I didn’t know what it was, I knew I was going to go because of my family. My mom went to college, my grandma, my uncle, they all went to college.” – Puga Mendoza

Upon receiving several job offers, Carolina’s mother decided to settle her family in Fishers, IN. After spending a few years in Fishers’ large school corporation, Carolina began her search for the perfect college. Admittedly, the multi-media journalism and French double major was hesitant to choose Franklin College, as she was unsure about the institution’s small size and possible lack of diversity.

“I’ve had a couple of instances with people asking me slightly ignorant questions about my background. I’ve had people ask me if I speak Mexican, which is very funny sometimes. That’s why I took the Diversity Advocate Position because that position allows me to teach people about diversity and the differences between students. I love teaching people about where I am from and all the different cultures within Mexico.” – Puga Mendoza

Carolina decided to make her hesitation about Franklin into a learning opportunity. As a Diversity Advocate, Carolina teaches so many students about the importance of diversity awareness and the need to respect one another’s cultures.

Here at Franklin, we value every student’s uniqueness. We encourage our students to share their experiences with the world. Come see how you can contribute to our welcoming campus.

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