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Discover who you want to be — not what you want to do — at Franklin College.

A question we often get asked at Franklin is, “What does liberal arts mean?”

We think 2017 Franklin grad Brody Perrine said it best: “Franklin’s liberal arts experience causes you to question your curiosities. You learn about the direction of your life and what kind of person you want to be.” – Perrine

Franklin’s liberal arts curriculum balances deep learning in your field of study with a broad exploration of other subjects. Together, that knowledge empowers you to think critically, explore your passions and outpace your peers after graduation.Brody Perrine

“I do a lot of critical thinking in my job. I have to know what questions to ask and how to solve problems. I learned how to do that at Franklin.” – Perrine

At Franklin, we think that growth is only possible if students and professors develop relationships in and out of the classroom, so we make that a priority. In your first year, your professors will challenge and invest in you. Four years later, they will support you as friends and colleagues while you pursue your dreams.

That’s what happened with Brody and Kristin Flora, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology. His relationship with her sparked Brody to apply for the Orr Fellowship, a highly sought after two-year program that pairs high-potential graduates with prime employers. The Fellowship recruits from top universities around the state, and only accepts 6 percent of applicants.

When Franklin’s psychology department heard the Orr Fellowship was accepting applications, the entire psychology department knew Brody would be the perfect candidate.

“All of us immediately thought of Brody. The only way we could do that is because we knew him and what he was capable of. If he was just a face in a lecture hall, we may not have reached out to him.” – Flora

And they were spot on. Brody went on to receive the fellowship and launch his career because the people who saw his potential in the classroom emboldened him to chase his dream outside of it.

“Dr. Flora was a mentor to me professionally, but even more personally. I learned so much from her that made me the man I am today. She’s my rock outside of my family.” – Perrine

A Franklin liberal arts degree isn’t just a ticket to your first post-graduate job. It’s an experience that will unlock every ounce of your potential and shape you into the best version of yourself – and that’s a ticket to any job you could ever imagine.

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