Meet Jaycie Blanford

One Student + One Night = $10,000 for Breast Cancer

Many students yearn to make a name for themselves in college. While, this dream can be difficult to manifest, it’s not impossible. With the right support and the right opportunities, Franklin College senior Jaycie Blanford and her sorority sisters made history with one of the biggest philanthropic events in Franklin’s history.

It is a Zeta Tau Alpha tradition to host the annual Big Man on Campus (BMFC) event. Essentially, male students compete and raise money for breast cancer awareness. Franklin College’s chapter annually takes part in the fun.

Jaycie BlanfordFor the past two years, Blanford, a senior psychology major, served as the chairwoman for BMFC. Her first BMFC launched Jaycie into instant success.

 “The first year, it was the biggest philanthropy event on campus. We raised six thousand dollars, which was a huge accomplishment, but I decided that wasn’t enough.” – Blanford

Always ready for a challenge, Jaycie devoted herself to boosting the previous year’s success. She determined if she wanted the event to grow even bigger, she needed a bigger venue.

“From the previous year, we didn’t have enough space in the Branigin Room for the event, so I knew I had to change something. I reached out to the Artcraft, and we had our event there this past October.” – Blanford

The Artcraft is the city of Franklin’s historic theatre. The building holds over 600 seats, and BMFC filled the venue to its capacity.

“We actually ended up raising $10,000.” – Blanford

The fundraiser’s substantial outcome stands as one of Jaycie’s biggest accomplishments and fondest memories. She thanks Franklin College for all the opportunities that prepared her to plan such a triumphant night.

“The different leadership opportunities I’ve had on campus helped prepare me for the event. There’s an abundance of opportunities on campus. There are so many different organizations to get involved in and so many leadership positions to get. And I think they’ve helped me become the leader I am today.” – Blanford

Not only does Jaycie credit Franklin College for the leader she sprouted into but the person as well. “If it weren’t for Franklin and all the opportunities I’ve received, I would not be the same person.” – Blanford

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