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Small School, Big Benefits

Most prospective students will visit both large and small schools during their search for the perfect college. While many may equate big school with big benefits, a college’s larger population can often make the campus feel more like a bustling city than a place where you will be known and can thrive.

Growing up in the South Bend area, Franklin College senior Gunnar Dittrich recognized how alone you can feel at a big school.

“I come from a high school of four thousand people, so I didn’t really know what to expect coming to a smaller college. Coming to Franklin, I really enjoyed a more individualized environment. There’s a camaraderie between students and strong relationships with professors.” – Dittrich

The biology major found that Franklin College’s smaller population of students helps him feel like he is an important part of the campus.

Walking around Franklin College’s small campus, it is not uncommon to recognize nearly every face. There is familiarity and friendliness between everyone in the college community – including faculty, staff and students. This sense of belonging has allowed the proud Sigma Alpha Epsilon member to thrive at Franklin College.Gunnar Dittrich

Gunnar’s involvement on the Franklin College basketball team and in Earth Club allowed him to break out of his comfort zone and try new things. Mixing academics with sports and extracurricular activities is easy at Franklin.

“College has helped me come out of my shell a little bit because I’m usually not the most outgoing person. So, I feel like Franklin has helped me get out there, talk to people, and get to know them a bit more.” – Dittrich

Instead of making its students feel like faces in a crowd, Franklin College provides a sense of community for everyone. The college knows students want to feel accepted at their home away from home, so Franklin’s smaller size is its biggest advantage.

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