Nicole Dular, Ph.D.

“I like to make students’ experience in the classroom personal and reflective of their everyday experiences, while also being critically reflective of their experiences, values, and beliefs, as well as those around them. As a result, students are able to think more clearly about the world they inhabit and make better choices within it.”


Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Syracuse University – Syracuse, NY
  • M.A., Brandeis University – Waltham, MA
  • B.A., The New School – New York, NY

Year Joined Franklin



Ethics, epistemology, feminist philosophy

Besides general courses in philosophy, I teach courses on the following topics: logic and the nature of sound reasoning, metaethics (moral relativism and objectivism), ethical theories, applied ethics (including, but not limited to: abortion, animal ethics, obligations of charity, personal relationships, sex and sex work, the death penalty), theories of justice and injustice, theories of oppression, speech and hate speech/slurs, epistemology, social epistemology, and history of philosophy.

What can you do with a philosophy degree?

Turns out, a lot! Philosophy is one of the most adaptable majors, as unlike other majors, it does not wall off any specific career paths. Although most philosophy majors who continue on in graduate school to receive their Ph.D. in philosophy usually become professors, most people who major in philosophy as an undergraduate do not continue on to do graduate work in philosophy. Instead, they do many different things: they go to law school and become lawyers or politicians, they go on to medical school and obtain jobs in the health professions, or take up jobs in the ever-growing tech industry. In fact, in so far as you aim to continue on to do any kind of graduate work, you should think about majoring in philosophy: year after year philosophy majors outperform any other major on the LSAT, the GMAT, and the written and verbal sections of the GRE. This is because what philosophy really teaches you is how to think, and that’s useful no matter what professional field you aim to go into. And if you’re more interested in money than the life of the mind, you should know: philosophy majors also out-earn every other non-STEM major at their mid-career point.

How do you help students who are on their way to graduate programs?

I am very eager to help those who want to continue on their studies in philosophy. While in graduate school, I have been active with PIKSI-Boston, an organization designed to help undergraduates who are members of marginalized groups and interested in pursuing graduate work in philosophy get into graduate school, and we have been very successful at that. Although many people don’t realize this, getting into a Ph.D. program in philosophy is as competitive as getting into medical school, so much preparation must go into the application process if students are to be successful. The most important aspect of the application is the writing sample, and I am more than happy to work closely with students on this, and all other aspects of the application. I can also be of service to those planning on applying to law school, specifically with their LSAT preparation. This is because the LSAT relies heavily on critical thinking skills and logic, two areas that philosophers are the most trained in. Any student interested in applying to law school should strongly consider taking both introductory logic and advanced logic, and should feel free to reach out to me for help on LSAT questions.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Presenter, “Social-based Theories of Reasons and the Limits of Oppression,” St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality (SLACRR), May 2016

Presenter, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: Epistemic Standards and Moral Beliefs,” Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association, April 2016

Outstanding TA Award, Syracuse University, 2015-2016

Executive Committee Member, PIKSI-Boston, 2015-2016

Mentor, PIKSI-Boston, 2014-2015

In My Spare Time…

I enjoy horseback riding, baking, fashion, and watching Cavaliers basketball (as any good Cleveland native would).