Nemanja Ostojic, D.M.A

“Teaching music is an ongoing personal and individual development of one’s identity. It is teacher and student’s joint effort to discover, understand, develop, and refine the essence of music and being a musician, and I enjoy every bit of that process. I give my students all that I am, and all I know, and in return, they make me a better musician, artist, and educator.”


Director of guitar studies

Educational Background

  • D.M., Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
  • A.D., Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
  • M.M., Indiana University – Bloomington, IN
  • B.M., University of Belgrade – Belgrade, Serbia

Year joined Franklin



Active performer on classical guitar and frequent guest lecturer on classical guitar technique and structured/strategic practice at many crucial institutions of higher education in the US and abroad.

Ability to attract the interest of non-music majors to join the elective music courses, and to successfully introduce the joy of music making to college student’s lives, increasing the classical music audiences and helping with music classes enrollment numbers, and possibly creating more music majors.

Highly entrepreneurial, I strive to engage the community into the guitar life by bringing acclaimed musicians to the local scene through my many professional connections, sparking the interest in classical guitar’s beautiful sound and repertoire.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

Ever since I was I was a teenager, I have been entering international guitar competitions. By the time I was 30, I was the gold medalist or the top prizewinner in sixteen major international guitar competitions around the world.  The list includes:
2003 Niccolo Paganini (Parma, Italy), Sinaya Guitar Competition (Sinaya, Romania), Volos Guitar Festival (Greece), Guitar Competition Anna Amalia (Weimar, Germany), Texas Guitar Competition (Dallas, TX), Schadt String Competition (Allentown, PA), South West Guitar Festival & International Competition (San Antonio, TX), Boston Guitar Fest,  JoAnn Falleta International Guitar Concerto Competition (Buffalo, NY), Tokyo Guitar Competition, Wilson Center Guitar Competition, and more.
I’ve performed solo and in front of symphony orchestras in 19 countries around the world, in venues like Tokyo’s Nikkei Hall, Russian Kazan Philharmonic Hall, Honolulu’s Orvis Auditorium, and Ankara’s Bilkent Theater.
I’ve worked closely and performed with names like JoAnne Falleta and Buffalo Philharmonic, Leo Brouwer and Greek Camerata, and Bujor Hoinic and Turkish Bilkent Symphony.
At the age of 20, I was selected to substitute the world’s best know classical guitarist, the Grammy Award winner John Williams, and I took his spot perform the Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez at the 5th Guitar Art Festival.
My debut CD Album “First Born” has received rave peer reviews in major guitar magazines like the Guitar Foundation of America’s Soundboard, and the Italian Seicorde.

What Students Say

“Professor Ostojic has been a great instructor in our lessons and I have been able to gain a large amount of knowledge about the guitar in the short amount of time that I have been learning from him. I can already see much improvement in my skills both reading music and playing new music in a relatively short amount of time. I have a long way to go, but he has been absolutely astounding in his teaching by being patient with me and giving constructive advice for me to further hone my skills on the guitar. I appreciate his help greatly and I am so glad that I decided to learn from him.” – Samuel Ferran ’16

About Me

  • I have recently been classified by the U.S. government as “An Alien of Extraordinary Ability.” Funny, right? It is the same classification that is given to Olympic Medalists and Nobel Prize Winners. While I am very honored to immigrate to the United States with such merit, I do laugh at the fact that I am an “Extraordinary Alien.”
  • I’m super-enthusiastic about light-weight sports cars. I like to study, drive, race, and modify sports cars. I recently started competing in Autocross, and I love the adrenaline rush I get from slicing corners. Talk to me about sports cars. I will likely know the curb weight and engine displacement of any rear-wheel drive sports car that there is.
  • I am a Vegan. I live on a plant-based diet. Not so much for a health reason as much because I have become aware of immeasurable suffering of farmed animals, our fellow sentient beings on this planet. I am a protector and a mild activist for animal rights, and I do not eat nor use/wear anything that has been made of animals. May all beings be released from suffering.
  • I am native of Belgrade, Serbia, and I’m married to a Japanese girl named Haruka. We met at IU Bloomington in grad school. We enjoy our differences, and vegan Asian cuisine (that we cook). We also enjoy our dogs, nature, hikes, and yoga and meditation.