Gregory Wang

“Music and performance are powerful tools to help you discover yourself. I teach piano playing in all its genres and roles, and I love seeing students become more creative, confident and empowered individuals along the way.”


Lecturer of music

Educational Background

Artist Diploma and Performer’s Certificate, Indiana University – Bloomington, IN

M.M., Indiana University – Bloomington, IN

B.M, Oberlin College Conservatory – Oberlin, OH

Year Joined Franklin



I am a classically trained pianist with years of experience in jazz, pop, gospel, religious and even harpsichord music–and I love all types of music and musicality!  I’ve taught both piano and music theory for many years to students of all ages and backgrounds, and I strive to approach music teaching in a way that builds on the strengths and interests of the individual student.

Why is piano important to a liberal arts education?

Piano playing teaches patience and perseverance, incorporating physical dexterity, mental prowess, and endless creativity. It is an opportunity to cultivate a wonderfully rewarding hobby or to really develop a confidence in yourself.  And for those who are already musicians to some degree, it’s really essential: the keyboard is really the backbone of traditional music theory, and playing the piano is still one of most useful skills any musician can have.  From accompanying other musicians, to teaching, to composing, or even digital music workstations and production, playing the piano opens up new avenues to making and sharing music with the world!

Selected Professional Accomplishments

As a pianist, I’ve been lucky enough to take home prizes in national and international piano competitions and perform throughout the United States and Europe.  But I’m especially excited to tackle new and diverse challenges. I’ve done countless performances as a jazz and pop pianist, performed with orchestras on a few different instruments, and always said “yes!” to opportunities to explore new and unfamiliar music. This may lead to my accompanying a gospel concert and playing Chopin on two consecutive evenings, but that’s the way I like it!

As a theory teacher for the many pre-college programs and summer institutes, I’ve found ways to connect with all types of students, bridging their interests to create an enthusiasm for new and unfamiliar music.  I’ve always approached music theory as a creative, exploratory endeavor, and this is my priority for my students.

And throughout years as a cantor and guitarist, I never let myself forget all the different reasons people love and appreciate music.

In My Spare Time…

I dote on a spoiled but lovable cat, and develop my skills as a barely passable (but very enthusiastic!) jazz guitarist.