Max Adolphs

“In the kinesiology field I believe learning is about application and not simply memorization. With this in mind, my courses are taught by taking the topics of anatomy and physiology and directly applying them to real life situations with critical thought and hands on experiences.”


Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Indiana University-Purdue University– Indianapolis, IN
  • M.S., Northern Michigan University – Marquette, MI
  • B.S., Northern Michigan University – Marquette, MI

Year Joined Franklin



general anatomy, general physiology, and exercise physiology

One of my major interests is focused on how high intensity exercise impacts both performance in athletes and health in diseased populations. In the past I have studied the effects of high intensity intermittent exercise on body composition, metabolic rate, and maximal oxygen consumption in sedentary and obese adults. Besides incorporating this research into my teaching, I hope to do further studies with students at Franklin College.

What advice do you have for current and incoming kinesiology majors?

My advice to incoming Kinesiology majors is to explore as much as they can and have an open mind. There are wonderful opportunities here at Franklin College that I would encourage all students to take advantage of. Some of these opportunities are student organizations, internships, and courses that engage students in hands-on learning within the campus and community. These types of opportunities can be instrumental to students’ futures by not only building professional relationships, but determining where their passions lie within the field.

In My Spare Time…

I enjoy spending my time outdoors doing things like camping, biking, and kayaking!