Adam Heavrin, CSCS, CPT

“I value providing an atmosphere of hands on application where students learn valuable concepts and techniques that they can take directly from the classroom into the professional field of their interest. It is my responsibility to provide stimulating and relevant academic experiences that will help students make immediate contributions in the health, fitness, and strength and conditioning industries.”


Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Educational Background

  • Ph.D.-candidate, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN
  • M.S., Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN
  • B.S., Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis – Indianapolis, IN

Year Joined Franklin



My areas of expertise are biomechanics, strength and conditioning, and exercise physiology. My continued research focus is in the area of blood flow restriction as it applies to muscle growth mechanisms, possible muscle atrophy rehab applications, and links to causes of neuromuscular pain.

What sets the Franklin College kinesiology department programs apart from other institutions?

Learning applicable concepts and skills in kinesiology requires rigorous hands on application and innovative learning activities. Students are provided this at Franklin College in a setting that promotes close interaction with the instructors. This fosters confidence and competence in real world skills that put Franklin College students ahead when they apply for internships and jobs in a competitive market.

I am very interested in the kinesiology programs at Franklin College, but I am not sure which one is right for me. How do I choose?

An outstanding attribute of the Franklin College learning experience is that, from the very first day of classes, students are given the opportunity to explore their interests in a variety of academic realms. The kinesiology programs are no different. Many students declare their chosen major by the end of their first year. The first and second semesters are spent in exploratory and introductory exercise science courses where students have opportunities to interact with many professionals in the health and fitness industries. From these experiences they can then decide which field interests them most. A student with a degree from the Franklin College Department of Kinesiology has a wide range academic paths to choose from including physical therapy, strength and conditioning, personal training, athletic training, occupational therapy, and medical school.

What Students Say

“Professor Heavrin is one of my best instructors so far. He made me excited for material that started out being very difficult for me.” – Marla Scott ’19

“Professor Heavrin is a great teacher. He is easy to interact with and that helped me more easily learn the material in class” – Michael Powell ’18

In My Spare Time

In my spare time I enjoy being active outdoors and experimenting with construction projects around my home in Indianapolis. My wife and I enjoy playing golf together along with visiting new local restaurants around Indianapolis and Franklin. I also enjoy spending time in the Spurlock Center chatting with students in the weight room about their training programs and exercise technique.