Chemistry and Physics at Franklin College

The chemistry program at Franklin College is designed to provide students with knowledge of the content of the various disciplines of chemistry. The program provides experiences which help students to better understand the nature of science and the role of scientists in society.

To fulfill this mission, the program provides courses which stress the important areas of contemporary chemistry. Through laboratory, lecture and discussion, science is presented not simply as a collection of facts but also as a process by which concepts may be generated. Upon completion of the major, students will have a well-rounded knowledge of chemistry as well as an understanding of the way to use scientific methodology to solve problems.

The field of chemistry is as diverse as those who study it. A myriad of directions can be pursued by those with a degree in the field. As a result, we have developed several tracks and pre-professional programs from which students may choose to help ensure they learn the necessary skills to follow their dreams.

The physics program is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of physics to support and enhance their major discipline. The program provides experiences that enable students to understand the nature of physics, to use physics as a problem solving tool, and to improve critical thinking skills. Students will progress from general survey courses through specialized upper-division courses concentrating on the core areas within physics, including both theoretical and lab-based courses. Anyone interested in completing a physics minor should speak with their adviser no later than fall term of junior year.

Download the Chemistry and Physics Major Handout (PDF)