Art Student Opportunities


  • Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Hoosier Salon
  • AIGA Indianapolis
  • Franklin Heritage
  • Sharp Graphics
  • Stutz Artists Association Gallery
  • Young Audiences
  • The Children’s Museum

Grad and Law School Acceptances

  • Indiana University
  • Adler University
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Recent Rinker Awards

Rinker grant for study beyond the classroom including workshops, residences, and travel to pursue specific student interests.

  • Amber Viles (2016) Photography
  • Kiley Lipps (2015) Photography in Uganda
  • Katie O’Mara (2016) Digital Painting
  • Kelly Marcelo (2017) AIGA Design Conference 2016

Practical Experiences

  • Become a member of AIGA (Professional Association for Design
  • Class visit to Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • Class visit to Chicago Art Museums
  • Study away opportunities (various locations, domestic and international)
  • Immersive Term class with visiting artist
  • Franklin College Art Club