Nicholas Pearson ’19

Undergraduate Degree:  Exercise Science (Ripon College)
Date of Graduation from Franklin’s MSAT Program: May 2019
Hometown: East Moline, IL

Why I chose Franklin College (FC) and the FC MSAT program?

The opportunities for clinical placements within the professional sports setting as well as the first take passing rates for the BOC exam.

What made you decide to study athletic training?

Originally when I started my undergraduate education I thought that I wanted to go into physical therapy. After completing rotations with both physical therapists and athletic trainers, however, I realized I didn’t have any desire to be stuck in a clinic all day and that staying close to athletics would give me a job that I would love going to each day.

What about Franklin College’s MSAT program was most appealing to you when you were making your decision on where to pursue your post-graduate degree?

The most appealing part of the program to me was the broad possibilities for clinical placements during your time in the program, as well as the schedule of having a course each semester devoted to creating your graduate research.

MSAT student Nicholas Pearson

Please describe your relationships and interactions with the Franklin College MSAT faculty.

The faculty directly involved with your education always have your back here. They do not allow you to just coast through and expect to pass. They push you to heights that even you may not have previously envisioned, even if at times that pushing forces you out of your comfort zone.

What is your favorite aspect of the Franklin College community?

My favorite aspect of the community is how open the faculty are to trying to help you. Whether it is with specific classes or using their own resources and connections to help you market yourself for after graduation their doors are always open.

What specific clinical experience rotations have you had as part of the MSAT?

Franklin college football, professional hockey (Indy Fuel), physical therapy clinic, surgical rotation, ER rotation, and multiple high schools.

Describe how the professional development opportunities you experienced as part of the Franklin College MSAT program helped you reach your goals.

While being a part of the MSAT program, the school paid for me to attend the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainer’s meeting in Glendale, AZ. This opportunity allowed me to make connections that I would not have had the opportunity to make without the program.

What do you feel distinguishes the Franklin College MSAT from others?

To me the main distinguishing factor between the Franklin College MSAT program and others is the way that you are placed for your clinical rotations. It is not random nor do you get to decide. The faculty takes their time to get to know you and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Then they find the placement for you that will best facilitate your growth within the athletic training profession

Tell us about your experiences with research as part of the Franklin College MSAT program?

My research was on the effects of stretching between innings for collegiate baseball players. This program allowed me and my partner to travel to multiple different colleges to take measurements of athletes for our study. The way the class schedule is set up allows you to take your research step-by-step and truly focus on every aspect of it without feeling as if you are rushed or do not have enough time to complete any one part of it.

You took the BOC exam and graduated from the MSAT program. What are your goals after graduation?

My goal is to find a job within professional hockey using the connections I made through my clinical experiences.

What can you tell us about the demand for a master’s degree in athletic training?

A master’s degree pushes the profession forward. By increasing the base level of education for Athletic Trainer’s we are able to further legitimize and prove our worth as health care professionals.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your time with the Franklin College MSAT that we didn’t ask about?

Do not allow yourself to be scared away by a sticker price associated with getting a MSAT degree. The amount of experience and professional development you receive will far outweigh any price associated with continuing your education.

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