Megan Battles ’19

Undergraduate Degree: Exercise Science (Franklin College)
Date of Graduation from Franklin’s MSAT Program: May 2019
Hometown: Shelbyville, IN

Why I chose Franklin College (FC) and the FC MSAT program?

Franklin gave me the unique opportunity to complete a 3+2 program. This means I was able to complete both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in 5 years.

What made you decide to study athletic training?

Athletic training allows me to work with the athletic population day in and day out. I love that I am able to provide care to assist them in reaching their goals.

MSAT student Megan Battles

What about Franklin College’s MSAT program was most appealing to you when you were making your decision on where to pursue your post-graduate degree?

Franklin has a history of putting forth top tier athletic trainers that are sought after within the workforce.

Please describe your relationships and interactions with the Franklin College MSAT faculty.

I have a great relationship with the Franklin College MSAT faculty. They are what makes this program so unique. They care about more than just my academic success. They make an investment in our mental, physical, and professional successes.

What is your favorite aspect of the Franklin College community?

My favorite aspect of the Franklin College community is its family feel. Everyone within the community wants to help in any way possible to see our success. They view each of us as individual people with individual needs and are accommodating to those different needs.

What specific clinical experience rotations have you had as part of the MSAT?

I have had the opportunity to work with the Franklin College football and soccer teams, Butler University lacrosse, and several teams at Franklin Community High School. I also spent the summer working with the University of Alabama football team as a summer intern.

Describe how the professional development opportunities you experienced as part of the Franklin College MSAT program have helped you reach your goals.

I have been able to attend and network through attending IATA and GLATA. These two annual events gave me the opportunity to stay involved in our local and regional associations, as well as meet other professionals and students within our field.

What do you feel distinguishes the Franklin College MSAT from others?

The Franklin College MSAT program is different from others because of the dedication to its students’ success. Each professor puts in extra time to ensure each student has the best opportunity at a successful future.

Tell us about your experiences with research as part of the Franklin College MSAT program?

My research group had the opportunity to present our research in front of the college as well as presenting our abstract at the national ACSM conference. We were also able to practice interdisciplinary collaboration with the department of physics.

You took the BOC exam and graduated from the MSAT program. What are your goals after graduation?

I successfully passed the BOC exam and accepted an internship position at the University of Alabama where I can continue my clinical and educational development.

What can you tell us about the demand for a master’s degree in athletic training?

A master’s degree in athletic training elevates the respect of athletic trainers within the medical field. It will help us compete for respect and higher wages when compared to our physical therapy and occupational therapy counterparts.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your time with the Franklin College MSAT that we didn’t ask about?

My time with the Franklin College MSAT program left me an overall better person. It has influenced the way I view myself and the way I view sports medicine.

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