Ariane Bell ’19

Undergraduate Degree: Exercise Science (Bethel College)

Date of Graduation from Franklin’s MSAT Program: May 2019
Hometown: Terre Haute, IN

Why I chose Franklin College (FC) and the FC MSAT program?

Franklin College and the MSAT faculty helped me grow, not only as a student but also as a professional.

What made you decide to study athletic training?

I chose to study athletic training because of the positive past experiences I had with my undergraduate athletic trainer.  Franklin College was my first and only choice for my graduate school education. 

MSAT student Ariane Bell

What about Franklin College’s MSAT program was most appealing to you when you were making your decision on where to pursue your post-graduate degree?

Franklin College was appealing to me because of the number and variety of clinical education sites within the program and how the clinical coordinator would take your preferences into consideration before placing you at sites.

What is your favorite aspect of the Franklin College community?

The Franklin College MSAT faculty provide a high-quality education to prepare every student for professional practice. Professors have an open-door policy and you can stop in to discuss classroom assignments or speak to them about everyday life and never be turned away.

What specific clinical experience rotations have you had as part of the MSAT?

I have had clinical rotations at Select Physical Therapy, OrthoIndy, Franklin College, Franklin Community High School, and Greenwood High School.

Describe how the professional development opportunities you experienced as part of the Franklin College MSAT program helped you reach your goals.

I was able to attend the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Conference in March, where my partner and I presented our research topic and were able to network with certified professionals.

What do you feel distinguishes the Franklin College MSAT from others?

I feel that our program having a 100% placement rate within six months of graduation distinguishes us from other programs.

Tell us about your experiences with research as part of the Franklin College MSAT program?

My research topic was about the relationship between the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and the patient reported outcome measure information system. My research partner and I recently presented our research at the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers’ Association (GLATA) Annual meeting. Over the course of two years we gathered participants, collected data, finished our final manuscript, and submitted our research topic where we were chosen to present.

You took the BOC exam and graduated from the MSAT program. What are your goals after graduation?

I took the BOC test in early June. My goals after graduation are to be employed as an ATC with a high school in the central Indiana area.

What can you tell us about the demand for a master’s degree in athletic training?

The demand for a master’s degree in athletic training is high, every job posting I have seen has Master’s in athletic training as the preferred education.  

Is there anything else you would like to add about your time with the Franklin College MSAT that we didn’t ask about?

While at Franklin College, I had some life altering experiences. The program director, Dr. Austin, was there to help me stay positive and keep my eye on the end goal. All the faculty were very supportive and understanding throughout that difficult time and still continue to show the same support daily.

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