IHE Symposium 2019

In the Eye of the Beholder: Cross-Cultural Conceptions of Beauty

Keynote Address

Dr. Adriana Estill: Channeling Excess on Primetime: How the US Imagines Latinas

Adriana Estill grew up mostly in Richmond, California in the shadow of oil refineries, walking — mostly without knowing —through a place inhabited and shaped by the Ohlone, the Spanish, and, finally, the U.S. Americans. She also spent some formative years in Guadalajara, Mexico. As the daughter of a Mexican woman and a white American man, she grew accustomed to shifting spaces, switching codes, adapting and blending in, and living in between. Both parents’ joy and appreciation for language and literature as well as their commitment to social equality and justice led her to academic life, including a BA (Stanford) and Ph.D. (Cornell) in comparative literature. She teaches English and American Studies at Carleton College.

Student Presentations

Under the Knife: Surgery and Beauty
Emma Clark The Ugly Truth of Ads, TV and K-pop: the Normalization of Plastic Surgery in South Korea
Kauaii CanadaHow Thin Is Thin Actually? A Look into the Chinese Thin Ideal
Carolina Puga MendozaThe Beauty of a Deadly Choice: Ethiopian Genital Mutilation
Allie JonesFemale Genital Mutilation: the Ugly Side of Sudan’s Beauty Choice
Performing Beauty: Pageants, Hair and Teeth
Bayleigh WalkerMouth of Horrors: the Self-Perception of Teeth in Great Britain
Madeleine FarrellBeauty and Emotionless: the Practice of Ohaguro in Japan
Hope Shrum Look Like a Queen: Post-war Beauty Pageants in France
Comfortable in One’s Skin: Makeup, Tatoos and Skin Color
Bradly Wehus-TowMana and Beauty in the Maori Culture
Makalynn SchmidtTonga Spirituality: Through the Lens of Ink
Alexis CheathamBeauty and Power: the Use of Colorism as a Tool in India
Allison DavisEtched in Beauty: the Influence of Gender Roles in Marshall Islands’ Tattoo Practices
Anissa EdwardsIn the Eyes of the Prophet; the Subversive Power of Makeup in Iran