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Meet Franklin College Faculty Member, Stacy Hoehn, Ph.D.

Stacy-Hoehn-2016Name: Stacy Hoehn, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Education: Ph.D. 2009 University of Notre Dame; M.S. 2005 University of Notre Dame; B.S. 2004 Xavier University

Years at Franklin College: 4 years

Campus and Community Involvement: Math and Computing Club; Institutional Review Board; St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church


How does the liberal arts and sciences education at Franklin benefit students in the field of mathematics?

“Being trained in a variety of disciplines through a liberal arts and sciences education gives mathematics majors several advantages. First of all, they are better equipped to effectively communicate ideas to people with varying levels of mathematics knowledge, which is an essential skill when working with clients or with co-workers from other departments within a company. They also are able to interpret their mathematical results in a broader context. For example, students learn how to use statistics simulations to determine if gender bias is taking place within science, technology, engineering and math fields, and if so, what the possible implications of that are. Finally, students at Franklin College are given the skills they need to keep learning once they graduate, which is essential in an ever-evolving world.”


Is there anything that you think is particularly unique about teaching at Franklin as opposed to other schools?

“At Franklin College, faculty work hard to develop close relationships with their students from the very beginning. We get to know students even before classes start by helping them move into their dorms and then doing service work with them during Franklin Offering the Community Unselfish Service (FOCUS) Day. These relationships continue to develop inside the classroom, during office hours and advising sessions and through extracurricular activities that many faculty members help advise. These close relationships continue well beyond graduation with former students coming back to Franklin to ask for advice or to share their advice with current students.


Where have your students been employed after graduation from Franklin and what are their responsibilities at these companies?

“Mathematics majors take various paths after graduation. Some recent graduates have gone on to graduate school in a variety of programs such as math, statistics, chemistry and informatics while others choose to enter the workplace immediately. For example, one recent graduate is a design engineer at Cummins while another is an analyst in Caterpillar’s Global Supply Network Division. Other students who graduate with mathematics education degrees are highly sought after to teach middle and high school mathematics.”


What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

“While going to class during college is important, you won’t get the full value out of your college education if that’s all you do during your four years at Franklin College. Take advantage of all of the co-curricular and extracurricular activities that Franklin College has to offer. Get involved in evening and weekend activities on campus and volunteer in the community. College is a time to develop long-lasting friendships and to learn as much as possible, both inside and outside the classroom.”


What are your career aspirations?

“With every class I teach, I hope I can help students better appreciate the value of mathematics in society no matter what their majors are. In classes geared toward math majors, I always hope to inspire a few more students to become math nerds just like me.”


If you could teach a college course in any other department, what would it be and why?

“I actually have taken advantage of our unique Winter Term opportunities to teach a class on scientific inquiry: “The Science of MythBusters.” This was especially fun for me since I loved science in high school; I was even chosen to attend the International Science and Engineering Fair twice. I also enjoy computer science and love when I get the opportunity to teach computer programming skills to students.”


What is something students would be surprised to learn about you?

“I am a first-generation college student from a small town in northwestern Ohio. My mom is a florist and decorates cakes for a living while my dad was the produce manager at a local grocery store for over 45 years before retiring. Growing up, I never would have thought that I’d be at the top of my high school, college and graduate school classes; but with lot of hard work and internal motivation, I was able to achieve these goals.”

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