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Meet Franklin College Senior, Hannah Grow

franklincollege_4292-1_smallName: Hannah Grow

Major: Elementary Education

Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2017

Hometown: Morton, Ill.

Campus and Community Involvement: Lacrosse; Pi Beta Phi; President of Education Club


What about Franklin College was most appealing to you when you were making your college choice?

“I loved the small school feeling I got when I visited Franklin. I remember everyone being so welcoming and eager to help. They made me feel at home, which was something I was drawn to being an out-of-state student.”


What has been your most rewarding experience at Franklin?

“My field experience in the local elementary schools has been my most rewarding experience. I love getting a new teaching placement each semester and meeting so many children. I have learned so much from my cooperating teachers and students. The opportunity to work in the classroom has really gotten me excited for my future career as a teacher.”


Do you believe your Franklin College education will set you apart from graduates from other colleges?

“Yes! The education department tries to give students a wide variety of classroom placements so that each are prepared for the future. If it wasn’t for the different opportunities I have had in the schools, I don’t think I would be as prepared going into my student teaching this spring and to have my own classroom after graduation.”


Describe your favorite characteristic of the Franklin College community.

“I love how helpful my professors are to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for their guidance and assistance along the way. I’ve seen my professors at my lacrosse games, sorority events, and even some awards ceremonies. Students at Franklin are supported both inside and outside of the classroom.”


What at Franklin has surprised you the most?

“I think I was most surprised at how quickly time goes by in college. It feels like just yesterday a senior was telling my freshman self that these next four years would be the best time of my life. They reminded me to cherish them because they would fly past.  My naive self just laughed it off and told them that I’ve heard it all before. Yet, here I am as a senior wishing I could go back to my freshman year and do it all over again! Franklin College has been such a blessing, and it will always be a place I will come back to visit.”


Why did you choose to study elementary education?

“I knew that I wanted to go into an occupation that made a difference and helped others, specifically children. I debated between a career in nursing and education for a long time, but eventually decided that teaching was right for me. The classroom, to me, seemed like the place where I could make a long lasting impact on a child’s life. My goal is to make some sort of impact on every student I teach, and I hope that I can better their life in one way or another.”


Is there anyone on campus you look up to or consider a mentor?

“I really look up to Professor Prather and Professor Hall. They both have taught me so much as an education major and are always encouraging. I look up to them for their teaching abilities, as well as their dedication to their students. They want to see each of us succeed, but want us to work hard and earn it on our own. They give us tough love at times, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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