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Meet Franklin College Senior Ryanne Wise

Ryanne WiseA liberal arts college was a natural fit for Ryanne Wise ’17, who is so passionate about literature, international cultures and humanitarian issues that she decided upon a triple major in English, French and poverty studies. The latter is an individualized major she designed with guidance from faculty and staff.

“It’s great being able to tell people, ‘I created a major that I love and care about,’” said Wise.

Taking full advantage of college resources, such as professional development programs, career services and community partnerships, Wise has found numerous ways to delve deeply into her academic interests.

She has interned three times. The first was at TheStatehouseFile.com, a news bureau powered by Franklin College students who report on Indiana politics and file stories picked up by media outlets across the state. “That internship allowed me to be published in the Indianapolis Star as a freshman,” recalled Wise. She next interned with the Franklin nonprofit organization KIC-IT, which serves homeless youth. “It was eye-opening,” said Wise.

More recently, she interned with Northwood Elementary School in Franklin. “I taught social-skills lessons to third- and fourth-graders and helped in classes for academically and behaviorally challenged students. I think it was the most powerful thing I’ve ever done during college; it showed me that I love teaching in those situations. I’ll be pursuing a career in education, specifically behavioral programming in low-income settings, after graduation,” said Wise.

In addition to internships, Wise has been involved in producing and contributing to the college’s literary journal, The Apogee, since her freshman year. She also has been involved in the intercultural honors program and participated in a Winter Term course in France. This January, she will head to Germany for another course.

“I think I’m most surprised when I consider how much I’ve accomplished since I’ve been at Franklin, and I’m still right on track with a four-year plan,” said Wise.   

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