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Meet Franklin College Sophomore Dakota DeBaets

Name: Dakota DeBaets

Majors: Psychology and Spanish

Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2019

Hometown: Bremen, Ind.

Campus and Community Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta; Passion for Paws; Modern Language House


What about Franklin College was most appealing to you when you were making your college choice?

“What was most appealing about Franklin College was the numerous opportunities within the psychology department provided for the students. I knew coming into college that I wanted faculty that supported my academic endeavors and that is exactly what I received.”

What has been your most rewarding experience at Franklin?

“My most rewarding experience at Franklin was when I was accepted to the Intercultural Honors Experience course. The course was challenging, but provided intellectual growth and a sense of accomplishment.”

Do you believe your Franklin College education will set you apart from graduates of other colleges?

“I believe that my Franklin education will give me an edge when I start my career. Franklin provides an interdisciplinary approach to education, which has allowed me to think about ideas from many different angles. This will help me in the psychology field too, since it often requires critical thinking and creativity when addressing a topic.”

Describe your favorite characteristic of the Franklin College community.

“My favorite characteristic is the generosity. Much the community and alumni provide resources and donations to help students experience as much as possible throughout their college career.”

What at Franklin has surprised you the most?

“I’m surprised by how well I have come to know my professors. They are all very personable and love to talk with you about anything!”

Why did you choose to study your majors?

“I chose to study psychology because I have a great appreciation and love for the field. It allows me the opportunity to fulfill my curiosity about humanity scientifically. I chose Spanish as my second major because I fell in with the language and wished to continue my comprehension and love for it in throughout college.”

 Do you look up to someone specific on campus?

“I have a great admiration for Dr. Kristin Flora. Not only is she the professor that I have had for classes the most in the psychology department, but she truly cares about her students. Dr. Flora has always made an effort to check in with me when I’m having a difficult time, and that means a lot to me. This attitude extends to her classes.  Dr. Flora is a great sounding board for ideas and a wonderful confidant!”

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