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Meet Franklin College Senior Caylie Guinn

Caylie QuinnName: Caylie Guinn

Majors: English, French and Creative Writing

Anticipated Year of Graduation: 2017

Hometown: Seymour, Ind.

Campus and Community Involvement: Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society; Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society; Intercultural Honors Experience; The Apogee; Franklin Parks and Recreation Employee


What about Franklin College was most appealing to you when you were making your college choice?

“There were two major factors that influenced my decision to come to Franklin College. First, I loved the size of the campus. I was admittedly intimidated when I visited campuses like Indiana University or the University of Evansville. I felt lost in the expanse. With Franklin, I immediately felt comfortable on campus. It’s big enough to feel like a school but small enough to feel safe and relaxed. Second, the attention I received from my then prospective professors was much more inviting than anywhere else. As soon as I expressed interest in Franklin, professor of English Richard Erable who is now my academic adviser, began regularly emailing me to assist my decision and transition. And the attention was never ‘pushy.’ The professors at Franklin genuinely wanted to help, regardless of my ultimate college choice. The best part? The attention has continued throughout the past three years from all of my professors.”

 What has been your most rewarding Franklin experience?

“I’ve had so many rewarding experiences at Franklin; choosing one is almost impossible! However, I think directing The Vagina Monologues was one of my best. This work is an incredible collection of stories that describe experiences of womanhood, from periods to rape. The show offers insight to causes including anti-rape culture and sexual awareness and education which are causes that I am extremely passionate about. Additionally, 100 percent of our proceeds are given to Turning Point, a local domestic violence shelter. Acting in and directing the show was both a great stress and a great honor, for how often can one directly participate in something so personal and so powerful?”

Do you feel your Franklin education has given you an edge over other college graduates?

“I absolutely could not have asked for a better education than what I’ve received at Franklin. My language background has made me an extremely effective communicator, one of the top skills companies and organizations seek out. The liberal arts requirements have expanded my interests and skill sets much more than I anticipated. While other graduates are centric to the skills of their degree, I have the ability to adapt to my environment and desires. Without Franklin, I never would have had the courage to think outside of the box when exploring career opportunities. Thanks to my Franklin education and encouragement from faculty and friends, I have now found my calling.”

Have you been able to do an internship related to your career field of choice? If yes, briefly explain how that experience contributed to your overall academic success and preparedness.

“Last fall, I completed my internship as the supplemental instructor for associate professor of English Susan Crisafulli’s introduction to literary studies course. The experience taught me a great deal about teaching, particularly regarding classroom structure and student participation. While I don’t plan on becoming an English teacher, I will be able to apply the skills learned in this internship to my preparedness in graduate school and in my desired career field of sexual education and counseling. From observing Crisafulli’s teaching style and interactions with students, I now better understand both sides of the teacher-student relationship. This gives me an advantage in my study habits and future teaching style.”

Have you studied abroad during your time here at Franklin? If yes, list where you visited and describe how the experience has impacted you academically. 

“Yes, I have studied abroad twice so far with Franklin. First, I took ‘Vive la Différence,’ a Winter Term course in Montpellier, France. The course focused on comparing French and American culture and producing written reflections. I was able to utilize both my French and creative writing backgrounds, as I chose to write poetry based on my observations of the French lifestyle that were later featured in the 2016 edition of the Apogee. In the spring of 2016, I traveled to Chambery, France for a 14-week semester at the Université de Savoie. During this semester, I exclusively studied French language while taking courses in everything from phonetics to writing. Not only did I dramatically improve my French, but I was able to experience student life in another culture. The difficulty of the French courses definitely impacted my focus for my senior year.”

What additional engaged learning opportunities have your professors provided?

“I’m very fortunate to be a part of the English and modern language departments, as they always offer the best engaged learning opportunities. I’ve participated in countless ‘Convo Tables,’ ‘Social Hours’ and ‘Activity Nights’ with assistant professor of modern languages Kristin Wasielewski and other French students. Such activities allow me to practice my French in a comfortable, fun environment on a weekly basis. The English department is just as engaging, offering trips and get-togethers at least once per month. Some of my favorite opportunities have been seeing theatre productions such as Two Gentlemen of Verona and Antigone.”

Describe your favorite aspect of the Franklin community.

“My favorite aspect of Franklin College is definitely downtown Franklin, Ind. Not only is there an adorable downtown area close to campus, but there are numerous small businesses which offer excellent service and selection. My roommate and I love to walk around, shop and eat, especially during Farmers’ Market season or any of the community activities and festivals. It’s wonderful to be a part of a community that is so eager to support local business.”

What at Franklin has surprised you the most?

“I’d say the biggest surprise is how warm and welcoming everyone is on campus. Unlike big schools where a student becomes just another face in the mass, he or she is truly recognized at Franklin as a person. Faculty and staff genuinely care about students, both academically and personally. Students get to know everyone so well and so quickly that Franklin truly feels like home.”

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