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Franklin College is a leader in actively engaging all students in their learning. Through engaged learning, the intersection of critical inquiry, relevant application, and purposeful reflection, our dedicated faculty and staff facilitate a distinctive liberal arts and sciences experience that empowers students to construct knowledge and take action. These high-impact experiences transform students and inspire unquenchable curiosity, innovative ideas, creative expression, and thoughtful discovery. Engaged learning at Franklin College strives to strengthen students’ civic responsibility and enhance their academic and professional success.

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Franklin Students Experience British Rugby

Franklin Students Experience British Rugby

“While much learning can occur within the walls of a classroom, there are unique, powerful lessons to be gained from participating in a Winter Term abroad. I was fortunate to lead students in a study of English sport culture. What better way to understand the psyche of a football fan than by attending a Premier League match? What better way to experience rugby culture than training with a British rugby club?” – Kristin Flora, associate professor of psychology
“Franklin’s Model UN class offers students the opportunity to diplomatically interact with people from around the world in an intensive week of global political negotiation in New York City. Throughout this experience, students get the opportunity to try their hand at “politicking” and to learn the art of diplomacy, which we tie throughout the experience to capitols, courtrooms, and boardrooms everywhere. In 2015 our venerable team of eight delegates received two Outstanding Position Paper awards and the top team recognition by the Conference, Outstanding Delegation.” – Randall Smith, associate professor of political science

Political Science Students Experience Model UN, NYC

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